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Speed, SEO and Accessibility are at the core of what websites should deliver, and sadly what no tooling today achieves as their goal. Instead they rely on add ons and modules that do it for them – but the core result without these plugins is sub optimal.

We believe that a core design principle has to be the end-result. And the end result has to be accessible by everyone around the world, regardless of eyesight, internet connection speed, age of the device, browser and more. The result has to be lightning fast. The result should comply with W3C standards. The result should not rely on JavaScript hacks to fix broken decisions. That is why we built Flipsite – so that your content can shine, even if you create it with ChatGPT.

How we achieve 100% scores on Lighthouse & Web vitals

Speed, SEO, and Accessibility and the trifecta of success in website building. Flipsite achieves this by including only whats necessary on the screen, eliminating unnecessary div elements and CSS selectors. Where most website builders are built from the editor's point of view, we started from the compiler – and built the best editor on top of it. This makes it possible for us to remove and not have thousands of lines of javascript that glues together things. Also; we don't need an AI engine to "create a mobile version of your site" – it already works on all devices out of the box.

In Flipsite images are optimized for the device and screen converted into modern file formats at upload time, and external fonts, videos, and resources are automatically lazy-loaded. We inline critical CSS, we minimize class names and even automatically remove CSS that isn't used by the page. This not only ensures blazing-fast load times but also contributes to an impeccable user experience.

One of Flipsites standout features is its beautiful DOM structure. Its so well-organized that even accessibility tools can easily navigate it and with added ARIA attributes and labels we ensure compliance in the Web Accessibility Directive, ADA law and conform with WCAG 2.1 & 2.2 standards. This commitment to accessibility ensures that your websites are usable by everyone, regardless of their abilities, devices of mobile connection.

Built for Professionals

Flipsite understands the needs of web professionals. We are web professionals ourselves – this is not our first rodeo. Flipsite separates website content from design, allowing you to manage them independently. You can localize all content at a glance and integrate everything into your preferred version control system. This approach aligns with the original ethos of the web, making it a valuable tool for web developers who value control and organization.

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