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Build websites in minutes that score 100% on speed, SEO and accessibility.

Build an entire website in YAML and understand it at a glance. Flipsite is a static/dynamic compiler for beautiful HTML & CSS & resources that are structured, fast, minimal and accessible.

Speed, SEO and Accessibility

Build websites that are lightning fast!

Pages built with Flipsite are lightning fast, because they only include what's needed on the screen. No useless div elements, no useless CSS selectors, images of exactly the right size for the device & screen, automatically lazy loading external fonts, videos and other resources etc. And the DOM structure is so beautiful even yo mama and any accessibility tool can read it.

Built for professionals

A website builder for those that value developer tools

Write your website content separately from the design, easily localize all content at a glance and manage everything in a version control system of your choice –the way the web was intended to be used.

Responsive, Usable

Build sites people love

Sites built with flipsite are responsive out of the box, they take into account special cases like the iPhone X notch, they have automatic dark mode support and deliver the right sized (retina and non-retina) images to the right device.

YAML for structure and style

Super fast to build, read and maintain

Everything is managed in yaml files (and external md files) for a clear overview and readability. Localize your site with ease, build re-usable sections and components, split the tailwind-based styling into multiple files and enjoy the rapid save->view cycle with all the dynamic serving features out of the box.

Design system

Your design system with ease

Extend an existing design, build your own sections and components and style them with ease. Flipsite lets you view all your website sections, with your own theme, in one place – so you or anyone else can pick and choose and build the next page according to your design language. A small thing, with a big impact on design consistency.

Open source

Free, Pro or Full-service

Flipsite is open source, meaning you can build your own sites and host them by yourself for free. Extend with Flipsite Pro components or get the full-service package where we design, implement & host the site for you.