Build and deploy high performing websites with ease!

Built for ease of use and power users, all at once. Drag n drop components, ready-made compositions (menus, blogs, forms etc) to the screen, change placing, CSS, ARIA-attributes, click behavior and everything else in the editor.

Everything version controlled and easily accessible from the editor. Built on top of Git version control for controlling of all assets.

Write and maintain content separate from the design (blogposts, arrays, static content). Decouple themes from both logical structure and content. Connect with each other and view live.

View the live rendition of your website, not a mockup with "almost" there. Check it on different screen sizes on different zoom levels while editing – without jumping between a preview and editor mode. What you see is what you actually get.

Download the entire website as a static HTML zip package, with all rightly compiled webp images for different screensizes, alt tags, css inlined etc. Or alternatively publish to your own server live with a web hook – at the click of one button.

Listing all features we have would take too long and you'd fall asleep reading it. Instead, check it out. Multi-language support, AI text editor, granular CSS control, your custom scripts, metadata, meta images, favicons, svg, unsplashed images etc etc. It's all there.

Google PageSpeed Insights is the gold standard for building high performing websites that work on all devices. Flipsite is the only technology that builds 100/100 scoring sites on the first try. That's our design principle and we won't lie to you – the only thing that might take that down to 99% is if you include Google Analytics on the page. 🤷‍♂️

No extra un-used CSS selectors, all inline, class names minimized (yes we're that optimized!), nextgen image formats automatically and no 3rd party javascript libraries that slows down the page.

WAI ARIA attributes, labels, alt tags on all elements by design. Contrast detection and automatic color palette from your brand's base colors. But most importantly: By making the HTML human readable by design, screen readers, search engine crawlers and humans like you are able to read what's on the page. Check out the source code of this page or any flipsite and compare to anything else. Flipsite complies with ADA law and conform with WCAG 2.1 & 2.2.

No extra SEO-plugins to install. By designing the HTML to be SEO optimized from the start, your pages turn out with meta data for all social media platforms, meta images, alt tags on links and images, robots.txt that includes everything and formatted so it always works (unlike others). We trust HTML as it's intended to be use and because of that you can trust that your website adheres to all technical SEO best practices.

Flipsite is built on an open source static compiler – developed for years and used for running the web's most performant websites. Check us out on GitHub.

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